Published Research Contributions

My extensive publication record comprises over 30 research articles, making significant contributions to our understanding of Blood Flow Restriction (BFR). My research interests primarily revolve around three key areas:

  • Safety Screening Process: I have delved into the safety screening process associated with BFR, uncovering vital insights that inform best practices and enhance safety considerations for practitioners.
  • Characteristics of BFR Devices: By examining different types of BFR devices and their associated characteristics, I have advanced our understanding of these devices’ nuances, aiding researchers and practitioners in making informed decisions.
  • Perceptual Demands of BFR Exercise: Exploring the psychological and sensory aspects of BFR training, my research has shed light on the perceptual challenges of BFR, optimizing training protocols for an enhanced user experience.

Through my research interests and contributions, I have played a key role in shaping The BFR Pros as leaders in the field, driving innovation and setting new standards in BFR research.

 – Dr. Nick Rolnick –

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Podcast Appearances

BFR : Better For Results Podcast

This is Nick's Podcast where he invites experts across rehab, fitness, medicine and more on technologies beyond just BFR that can get patients results fast ("Better For Results"). The goal of this podcast is to give clinicians and coaches actionable insights to help clients and patients recover faster and implement cutting edge technologies and practices that can move the needle forward on producing optimal outcomes. BFR is of course discussed whenever relevant.

…Dr.Nick Rolnick calls himself the Human Performance Mechanic….

Nick Rolnick, PT, MS, CSCS, owner of BFR Pros and The Human Performance Mechanic, comes onto the HET Podcast to share his experiences and lessons he has learned through his academic journey and what drives…

Nick Rolnick, PT, MS, CSCS, owner of BFR Pros and The Human Performance Mechanic, comes onto the HET Podcast to share his experiences and lessons he has learned through his academic journey and what drives…

Nick Rolnick is a performance trainer, performance enhancement specialist and physical therapist at his Culture of PT in New York City, where he’s making patients stronger and returning them to activities…

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