Another BFR Success Story: Chris Hemsworth


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Another BFR Success Story: Chris Hemsworth
Nicholas M. Licameli, PT,DPT

Week after week, I aim to showcase individuals who have used blood flow restriction training as part of their training and rehabilitation programs.  We’ve featured professional athletes, including pro bodybuilders, powerlifters, football players, basketball players, and motocross athletes.  We’ve also had postpartum women and even Hollywood A-listers on the blog!  But ladies and gentlemen, today we have a very special treat.  Today we are showcasing an actual thunder god!  That’s right!  Today we are talking about none other than Thor himself! 

With the help of CGI and skillful editing, many actors and actresses are able to play larger than life characters with less than larger than life physiques of their own.  There are, however, some who have embraced the Iron Game and take pride in bringing the best physique possible to the big screen. Over the course of his career, it is hard to argue the fact that Chris Hemsworth has built an awe-inspiring physique worthy of portraying one of the most iconic superheroes of all time.  Much like Hugh Jackman and Dwayne Johnson, Chris Hemsworth has become known for his impressive physical presence in all of his roles.

A recent post on the actor’s Instagram featured Hemsworth using BFR during an arm training session.  In the video, Hemsworth’s trainer explains that BFR training, “targets fast twitch muscle fibers and trains the body’s ability to tolerate the build up of lactic acid.”  Hemsworth explains that his history of tennis elbow limits his ability to lift heavy loads.  To that, his trainer explains that with BFR, “you don’t even have to go heavy.”  In the video, Hemsworth struggles and fights through four grueling sets of a dumbbell hammer curl (4×10) and isometric rope hang (5 seconds each side) superset.

What do you think about the narratives in the video?  Was the trainer accurate?  Was the protocol appropriate?  Is this type of publicity good for blood flow restriction training or does it create inflated hype in a culture infected with a craving for “the next best thing” or the “secret training method used by Hollywood stars?”  

I’m actually quite optimistic.  I think this type of publicity is good. My fear is that mainstream media coverage of BFR training will cause people to focus on methods rather foundational principles of exercise and muscular adaptation such as adherence, progressive overload, sleep, nutrition, hydration, stress management, etc.  It will no doubt help introduce people to BFR training, which will spark an interest.  In 2021, once an interest is sparked, the searching starts…Google, social media, Facebook groups, forums…you name it!  Why is that a good thing?  BECAUSE THAT’S WHERE THE BFR PROS COME IN!  With the support of our growing community and devotion to consistently producing authentic evidence-based content, WE CAN BE THAT LANDING PLACE!  Imagine a young trainee watching Chris Hemsworth’s Instagram video, then after a quick search, stumbling on our Facebook group , Instagram page, or BFR course!  What an impactful time in a person’s lifting journey to be exposed to quality resources like that!  

We can make a difference and we can be leaders in our field, but we need your help!  Spread the word!  We’re here and won’t stop until our job is done.  Who’s with us?

Link to Chris Hemsworth’s Instagram post:

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****Remember, the use of BFR training should not be based solely on a success story.  The decision to use BFR, or any treatment for that matter, should be based on the pillars of evidence-based practice.

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